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What is the BCCI Registration Form?

BCCI refers to the Board of Control for Cricket in India as one of the world‘s biggest cricket governing bodies.

The entity is functional under the Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports jurisdiction and is an autonomous body. The board came into being in 1928 and manages two international cricket teams of India, India men's national cricket team and India women's international cricket team. The board is responsible for organizing matches for both these two teams.

At the domestic level, BCCI organizes competitions like Ranji Trophy, Irani Cup, Vijay Hajare Trophy, Duleep Trophy, IPL, BCCI Corporate Trophy for Men and Women‘s Senior One Day Trophy, Women’s T20 Challenge, Senior Women’s T20 League, and Senior Women‘s Challenger Trophy for women.

It's the worlds richest cricket board and is a member of the ‘big three’ body. The other two members of this body are Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket board.

BCCI opens registration for players, umpires, coaches, and teams. Additionally, BCCI registration is offered to businesses willing to become a member. Regardless of the purpose behind the BCCI registration, each aspirant has to fill out the BCCI registration form.

Depending on the purpose of registration. BCCI registration is likely to feature different details. For instance, BCCI Open Trial For Bowler registration form will ask for details like the player’s personal details, bowling proficiency, and corresponding details

For BCCI membership, the registration form will ask for the membership type along with the personal details. All sorts of BCCI registration forms are offered free of cost on the official BCCI website.

When Should I Use BCCI Registration Form?

As quoted above, BCCI registration is done for various reasons.

Depending upon the motive, one should use a BCCI registration form when:

A player wants to get registered for trial. BCCI conducts separate trials for bowlers and batsmen. Hence, different BCCI registration forms need to be filled.

A cricket team wants to be a part of a domestic cricket tournament. BCCI arranges different tournaments for men and women teams. The interested team needs to fill the relevant BCCI registration form.

One wants to work as an umpire with BCCI. BCCI announces this job vacancy on the website and accepts entries from Indian nationals.

A coach wants to work for BCCI. BCCI hires bowling, fielding, batting, and head coach for various registered teams.

Each team gets assigned a coach, hired by BCCI only. Interested and qualified coaches can fill a BCCI registration form for coach positions.

How to Create a BCCI Registration Form?

Being a part of the BCCI is a dream for anyone related to cricket and a simple BCCI registration can bring this dream into reality. BCCI registration is a simple process, provided you follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Get the desired form from the BCCI library.

Fill & Download the Bcci Cricket Trial Form 2022

Step 2:Download the form and open it.

Step 3: BCCI accepts registration forms both online and offline mode. For an easy and quick process, BCCI online registration form is a convenient way. The downloaded BCCI online registration form needs to be opened with an inventive online PDF editor tool like CocoDoc

Fill & Download the Bcci Cricket Trial Form 2022

Step 4: Once the downloaded form is open in the PDF editor tool, provide the details as asked. We advise you to read the form filling instruction, provided at the end of the form.

Step 5:Cross-check the details and add a digital signature. It's crucial to provide accurate details in the BCCI registration form as any wrong or misleading information will lead to rejection.

Step 6: Declare the information validation.

Step 7:Save the completed BCCI registration form by clicking on the "Done" option.

Step 8: Share the completed form with the intended recipient via email.

The entire process is as simple as clapping. The use of an online PDF editor allows the candidate to fill in details and digitally sign the document with full accuracy and precision. Offline BCCI registration form dispatching is time and money-consuming. With an online BCCI registration form, one can complete the job instantly and from anywhere.

Other BCCI Registration Form Websites

BCCI registration is of various kinds. Here are certain BCCI registration forms or official links:

To sign your BCCI Form, there is no better option than CocoDoc PDF Editor.

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